2023 Ford Thunderbird is Happening After All

After years of rumors, now it’s official: Ford trademarked the Thunderbird name. This means the 2023 Ford Thunderbird is making a comeback in the coming months. Blue Oval manufacturer has filed to trademark the Thunderbird name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The filling includes categories such as concept motor vehicles and four-wheeled motor vehicles. It is clear as day that the popular T-bird is coming back, but we don’t know in which form.

It could be a personal luxury vehicle like it was before. On the other hand, Ford could do the same thing as with the Mustang Mach-E crossover. There is a good chance that the 2023 Thunderbird will offer all-electric power. Whatsoever, some insiders are strongly suggesting complete electrification. Still, we don’t know if the Thunderbird model is returning as a car, crossover, or something else.

Ford Thunderbird – What is it?

The Thunderbird model made its debut in 1955. It lasted for eleven generations before it ended with production in 2005. It is an iconic model, so the return of the 2023 Ford Thunderbird makes perfect sense. Ford sold it as a personal luxury coupe. It was a very customizable model with numerous different trim levels and configurations. As a two-door car, Thunderbird was sold both as a convertible and a coupe, offering a rear seat.

But most of the time, Thunderbird was a classic two-seater. Originally, this model lasted until 1997, but Ford tried to revive the nameplate once again in 2002. With the returns of the Maverick, Mach-E, Bronco, and other models, reviving the Thunderbird is the very logical outcome. However, it won’t be anything like the previous generations, that’s for sure.

2023 Ford Thunderbird convertible

What to Expect?

This is a tough one. Yes, Ford did put a trademark on the Thunderbird, but we don’t know in which form this model will return. There are a couple of possible outcomes. For a start, we heard the new 2023 Ford Thunderbird could return as a supercar, rivaling Chevrolet Corvette. This is very unlikely to happen in our opinion. After all, the manufacturer already offers Mustang cars, along with numerous different versions of Mustang.

Another outcome, and more likely, is the Ford Thunderbird all-electric crossover. It makes sense, as the crossovers and SUVs are now a thing. Still, this is a wild guess. The third possible outcome is the luxury two-seat coupe, like in the past. In this case, Thunderbird would arrive in limited numbers and it would probably cost a lot of money. At this moment, everything is a rumor, so we’ll wait for Blue Oval to make an official statement.

2023 Ford Thunderbird concept

2023 Ford Thunderbird Release Date

The upcoming 2023 Ford Thunderbird will possibly return later in 2022, or in early 2023. We are waiting for the first details, but reliable reports are saying it will be an all-electric vehicle. However, we don’t know if the Thunderbird will arrive as a coupe or as a crossover. Something is happening and we can’t wait to hear more about this huge comeback, so stay tuned.

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