2025 Ford GT: What Replaces GT IV?

The 2025 Ford GT is the performance car that will stun you with its look and driving. Originally, it is a successor of the famous GT40 model that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race multiple times in 1960s. But, the comeback didn’t go well. The first generation of the vehicle was available only in 2005 and 2006. Then Ford revived it once again in 2016. Since then we see only small changes. In 2020, the company revisited the drivetrain and other components that will boost performance. Limited editions are coming out every year. We’ll see what the company is preparing for the 2025 season. Today, the MK IV is the only version available.

The GT badge marks the performance version of other vehicles as well. Here we talk about the Ford GT sports car. Mustang GT is definitely a notable model, but also crossovers and SUVs are getting performance tuning to enhance the driving impression. You can find Edge and Explorer with the ST package. The GT500 Shelby is the most powerful configuration for Mustang.

new 2025 Ford GT

New Limited Edition Model For 2025

The Ford GT sports car is pretty much the same ever since its debut in 2016. In the meantime, the company dropped limited edition(s) every following year. For example, they had ’66 Heritage and Competition packages already in 2017. Then, the ’67 Heritage edition followed in 2018. They launched the GT Liquid Carbon in 2020, and revised ’66 Heritage the following year. After that, the 2022 season brought the most versions – ’64 Heritage, Alan Mann, Holman Moody, and LM model. The MK IV is the current version and Ford is not announcing plans for 2024 and 2025 seasons.

2025 Ford GT Specs

While the company is changing packages and appearance, the performance stays pretty much the same. Under the hood of the GT is a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 with maximized outputs. Depending on a model, the horsepower rating goes from 647-660. The MK II version was enhanced to deliver 700 ponies, while the current KM IV produces 800 hp. For the 2025 YM, everything is possible. But, experts believe that Ford will slow down after the release of the $1.7-million priced GT MK IV.

The 3.5-l engine is also available for other vehicles. It does impress with outputs, but the GT is getting the most power thanks to larger turbochargers and a special 7-speed DCT gearbox. Also, engineers had to revisit the intakes, lubrication system, suspension, camshafts… You can lower the ride height to 2.8 inches thanks to the hydraulic suspension.

The 2025 Ford GT will be looking cool, but the performance is what sells this car. The 0-60 mph time will be dropped under 3 seconds. Other results are also quite impressive. The vehicle reaches 130 mph in 10 seconds and speeds up to the maximum speed of 216 mph.

Old GT40
Legendary GT40

2025 Ford GT Appearance

Performance is the priority, but the 2025 Ford GT also needs to look cool and bring unique upgrades. Since the lineup is packed with limited offers, we can’t predict company’s moves for next seasons. A few things are sure. The GT is a 2-door coupe with a lot of carbon fiber in its body, including wheels, which are lighter than forged rims. A set of 20-inchers is wrapped in Michelin rubber. Brembo brakes with six calipers are standard. Currently, you’ll find the car with butterfly doors, but Ford might refresh the vehicle with some other solution. Gorilla Glass is making the windshield stronger.


The MK IV is the current edition of the Ford GT supercar. It is the best performer since the comeback of the second generation thanks to 800 ponies produced by a high-output V6 engine. Its price is also stunning – the company slapped a $1.7 million tag on its crown jewel. The vehicle is commemorating the Le Mans victory in 1967, so only 67 units are going to be built. Well, at this price, maybe not even so many. Anyway, you can’t drive the MK IV outside the track, which limits your ways to show off.

2025 Ford GT
Current Ford GT MK IV


The 2025 Ford GT will be a successor of the car that won Le Mans a few times. But it was called GT40. However, the trademark was already taken by Safir Engineering. Two companies tried to negotiate about the name claim, but the deal stuck at the asking price – Ford didn’t want to pay a symbolic $40 million for the GT40 trademark.


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