2019 Ford Edge ST Replaces the Sport Version

It is official now! The 2019 Ford Edge ST will replace the top of the class Sport trim level. It was the most exciting model in the lineup. However, the try to make it special with a 2.7-liter engine and output of 315 hp was not successful. So, the company moves forward with more radical changes which will make the ST unit do everything Sport couldn’t deliver.

First of all, the 2019 Ford Edge ST will gain extra horsepower. A boost of 30 lb-ft of torque is also a result of re-tuning. Extra hp and twisting power will make the crossover faster, especially when sprints 0-60 mph. Towing capacity is also going to be increased. Both interior and exterior are going to see special ST treatment. More appealing appearance and better aerodynamics are highlights of this special version of Ford Edge.

2019 Ford Edge ST exterior

2019 Ford Edge ST Engine

So, the 2019 Ford Edge ST will replace a 2.7-liter engine used by Sport model, with a 2.7-liter drivetrain. Sounds strange, but this is a new model. We are not speaking about the reconstruction or something similar. Totally new drive system has a new heart. For example, an outgoing unit could create 315 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. The new one raises these numbers to 335 hp and 380 lb-ft of twisting power. It is not all about the setup, but all factors included to this system.

2019 Ford Edge ST engine

Specs Update

Thanks to the new transmission, the 2019 Ford Edge ST will offer a lot more. So, besides upgrade for power and torque, we will see better towing capacity, mileage, and 0-60 mph run. Everything is official, but Ford didn’t come out with exact numbers. Sport model could tow 2,000 pounds. But, towing capacity of its other siblings was 3,500 lbs. Well, the Edge ST version is not going to match that, but will top Sport’s hauling record. Also, we could see the crossover run first 60 mph in just five seconds. This is another major boost proving the switch to ST badge.

2019 Ford Edge ST Appearance

The ST mark doesn’t mean only a performance upgrade. The SUV will take a shell of the base Edge and upgrade it with various features, inside and outside. Performance Team will remove a front bumper and install a new one. Spoilers, side skirts, grille, and other elements are also about to suffer many changes. We can definitely expect lower crossover, which is not so capable for off-road drive.

On the other hand, features such as Sync3 infotainment system and automatic dual-zone temperature control must be carried over from Sport trim. Special leather seats with ST badges will show exclusivity of this SUV. Outside, 20- and 21-inch wheels will complete the overall overhaul of the 2019 Ford Edge ST.

2019 Ford Edge ST front

2019 Ford Edge ST MSRP Price

As a successor of the Ford Edge Sport, the ST model will take its price tag. However, since there are a lot of upgrades on the way, including a new engine, the company will update the MSRP. We believe the 2019 Ford Edge ST will still be under $50,000, although changes are big.

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