Ford Reopens Applications for the 2020 Ford GT

According to the latest reports, Ford is reopening the application process for the GT model. Annual production of the 2020 Ford GT will top 250 units only and the applications will be applied later this year. The 2020 GT will hit the markets with minor changes only and will look almost the same as the current model. With that in mind, the new GT will arrive with an extremely sporty and aggressive exterior design.

The interior will be more practical than ever before and the F1-inspired steering wheel looks amazing. Of course, this sports car is all about speed and the things won’t change in the engine department as well. However, there is no need for changes under the hood, as the current V6 provides great power.

2020 Ford GT exterior

Exterior Design

The exterior of the 2020 Ford GT will be easy to recognize.  This supercar comes with a signature design that grabs attention everywhere it goes. The shape is superb, just like the car’s aerodynamics. The ride is low and the front end looks sloped. The rear part of the car looks modern and Ford gave the new GT more angular approach. Of course, rear spoiler, exhaust outlets, and rear diffuser are looking very aggressive.

To the sides, upward-swinging doors are providing easier access into the cabin. The Blue Oval carmaker offers up to eight exterior paints. Furthermore, the Matte Black variant is optional and all of the colors can be paired with the twin-stripe package that is also optional.

Powerful V6 Engine

Just like in the years before, the 2020 Ford GT will also use a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine. This twin-turbo unit is capable of producing up to astonishing 647 horses and 550 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to the latest injection system, Ford somehow manages to pack so much power in such a small unit. A 7-speed dual –clutch automatic transmission is available, and this time, the manual transmission is not in the offer.

Furthermore, the 2020 GT will use a rear-wheel-drive setup instead of an all-wheel-drive system. With all of those changes, new GT should reach from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. Top speed is rated at 216 mph.

2020 Ford GT engine

2020 Ford GT Heritage

The all-new GT model looks really stunning and the exterior is easy to customize. However, Blue Oval carmaker will also offer a special Heritage Edition. This edition adds plenty of exclusive touches and it offers a famous motorsports’ paint scheme. The 2020 Ford GT Heritage also adds carbon fiber accents both in and out.

Ebony Alcantara upholstery is available as well, especially around the steering wheel, seats, instrument panel and headliner. The exterior comes with the carbon fiber door sills and unique identification plates. On top of that, silver mirror caps, 20-inch aluminum wheels and orange brake calipers are available as well.

2020 Ford GT Heritage

2020 Ford GT Price and Release Date

The applications for the 2020 Ford GT will start later this year. This supercar will go on sale later in 2019 and only 250 models will hit the production. The price won’t be cheap for sure, around $400,000 or slightly more. The special Heritage Edition will cost around $450,000.

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