2021 Ford Fusion Wagon Ready to Rival Subaru Outback

At first, we all thought that the 2020 Buick TourX would be the last station wagon in the United States. However, out of nowhere, Ford is reportedly working on a new model. It is the 2021 Ford Fusion Wagon. As you know, most of the manufacturers gave up on regular cars. After the latest spy shots, it seems like the Blue Oval is ready for a new wagon.

The same spy photos are showing a high-ride model like the Subaru Outback. Fusion nameplate is not official, so this model could arrive under a new name. The sales should start at some point during 2021, right around when Fusion sedan ends its journey.

2021 Ford Fusion Wagon spy shots

2021 Fusion Wagon Spy Shots

First of all, this test mule on the picture is confusing. The 2021 Ford Fusion Wagon is using a modified body taken from the Euro-spec Ford Focus wagon. It looks like Frankenstein, to be honest. The prototype has been stretched between the C- and D-pillar. Thanks to that, it is easy to see that the new model will be a mid-size crossover wagon. It wears larger tires than compact Escape or mid-size Ford Edge models.

The goal is to rival Subaru Outback, so similar appearance makes perfect sense. Fusion Wagon will also provide lifted suspension and black plastic body cladding, which should give a rugged appearance. Fusion Wagon shares the platform with Focus and Mondeo models. More info to be announced closer to the release date.

2021 Ford Fusion Wagon spied

Engine Rumors

There are plenty of speculations about the possible engine. The upcoming 2021 Ford Fusion Wagon will most likely arrive with a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine. This engine will be standard, and the 2.0-liter turbo-four could be the optional powertrain. Even a hybrid engine is a rumor at the moment, but less likely to happen. On the other hand, the AWD system is certain, and Ford will easily fit this setup in this architecture. This comes as no surprise as Ford looks to create a mid-size Fusion SUV with a new disguise.

A high-performance variant will also arrive, and it should offer a 2.7-liter V6 with 325 horsepower. Many experts believe that the Fusion Wagon will need around five seconds to reach 60 mph from the starting point. Right now, Fusion sedan is available, and its 2.0-liter generates 245 hp. Expect even more power in the Fusion Wagon version.

2021 Ford Fusion Wagon engine

2021 Ford Fusion Wagon Release Date, Price

Next-gen 2021 Ford Fusion Wagon is a good idea. Codenamed CD542, this model will rival Subaru Outback. For that reason, the price of around $30,000 is the most reasonable offer. However, Ford could still surprise us.

Based on the Focus-Mondeo architecture, Fusion Wagon will most likely reach the American soil in 2021. However, no one knows if that will happen in the first or second half of the year. Lastly, Blue Oval will sell its new model in Europe as well. On the other hand, this is definitely the end of the Fusion sedan.

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