2021 Ford Kuga: Interior, Dimensions, Price

The upcoming 2021 Ford Kuga continues with improvements. The new model will follow the redesign of its US-Spec Escape sibling. However, Kuga is available in Europe and Australia and it represents a strong option in the markets. Blue Oval manufacturer will basically improve all of the aspects. That includes improved exterior design, more modern interior and much more.

Even the hybrid powertrain is in the offer. Ford will focus on fuel efficiency more than ever but Blue Oval won’t move its focus from vehicle’s appearance. Kuga is available with a pair of diesel engines and a single gasoline unit. The sales should start later in 2020 and here’s what you can expect from the new Kuga crossover.

2021 Ford Kuga dimensions

Exterior Facelift and Dimensions

This crossover will introduce a new look that is similar to the Ford Escape model. The 2021 Ford Kuga is actually the Escape model for the European market so this move makes perfect sense. One of the biggest changes is that the 2021 Kuga will be larger than before. Ford wants to deliver a more comfortable interior with more room so increasing the length is what it needs to be done. Moreover, the new Kuga will be wider as well. That means you should expect around 1.7 inches wider and 3.5 inches longer model.

Some rumors are even suggesting a Kuga with seven seats, which is not confirmed yet. Blue Oval will also provide various changes such as bolder radiator grille with additional chrome accents. On top of that, the air dam is larger and the sloping roofline looks very nice. Kuga definitely looks more elegant with improved aerodynamics and mentioned exterior upgrades.

2021 Kuga Interior

The latest dimensional change will improve the room inside the new 2021 Ford Kuga. Moreover, Ford will try to deliver a higher level of comfort with more high-quality materials. In a hybrid variant, this crossover won’t offer a sliding rear bench because of the underfloor battery.

All trim levels will feature an 8-inch touchscreen as standard and the massive 12-inch unit will be optional. The infotainment system is up to date and safety will be additionally improved as well. Upper trim levels are available with a standard driver-assistance aids such as front collision warning system and cruise control.

2021 Ford Kuga interior

Kuga Hybrid Specs

If you are buying a regular Kuga crossover, you will have to choose between either 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter displacements. However, the new 2021 Ford Kuga Hybrid will feature a larger output and it is a 2.5-liter gasoline engine.

This unit is working with an electric motor and it will deliver 225 horsepower. A hybrid version will arrive with an AWD system and a 6-speed automatic transmission. To compare, the US-Spec Escape model generates 250 hp with its 2.0-liter engine.

2021 Ford Kuga Hybrid

2021 Ford Kuga Price and Release Date

The sales of the 2021 Ford Kuga should start this fall. Blue Oval manufacturer still didn’t announce the price of the new crossover. However, we believe the price will start at $27,000. If you want a Kuga Hybrid model, it will cost around $32,000.

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