Next-Gen 2022 Ford Edge Seriously Upgraded

While it isn’t official yet, the new 2022 Ford Edge will arrive as the next-generation model. That means we should be seeing a lot of upgrades and some of them should be significant. With the first-gen Edge arrived in 2007, the second-gen is present since 2015. The 2022 Edge seems like the perfect candidate for a fresh start and introducing the next-generation model is the right way to do it.

The Edge SUV will arrive with an exterior redesign, while the interior shouldn’t change drastically. A hybrid powertrain is already in the works and the Edge ST variant will surely continue with the production. Generally, Edge continues with improvements as this is one of the brand’s best-selling models in the last couple of years.

2022 Edge Gets New Platform

The approaching 2022 Ford Edge will hit the markets with a fresh design. Before we get to visual changes, this SUV should get a new platform. The rumors are suggesting CD6 architecture. It is the same platform that underpins Ford Explorer SUV.

However, Edge and Explorer are dimensionally not the same, so this architecture will be modified. The CD6 platform is based on the rear-wheel-drive setup and it will provide a lower center of gravity. Of course, ride comfort will be better and the new Edge should slightly grow in size thanks to the new platform.

Exterior Redesign

New 2022 Ford Edge will arrive with a new design. However, the design language will largely remain. That means the redesign includes new exterior features, such as headlights and taillights. These features will get a new shape, while the grille should wear more chrome accents. The same grille will be slightly wider, but not significantly.

Edge’s shape will remain intact, but its dimensions will be larger now. The sloping roof design will be improved and we should expect new wheels. Lastly, the Blue Oval manufacturer will introduce fresh exterior paints.

2022 Ford Edge redesign

Interior Changes

As for the cabin changes, this SUV should mostly remain. Yes, it is the next-generation model but the 2022 Ford Edge already offers impressive cabin design. Still, Ford could improve the quality inside the cabin, including new upholstery and additional chrome trims. We expect for plastic materials to be reduced, along with the number of buttons.

We don’t know if Ford plans to introduce a new and larger touchscreen option. The dashboard will suffer a couple of modifications for sure. On top of that, Edge could get an optional third-row. It is a popular model by established manufacturers and Jeep is probably the most famous among them. The latest dimensional changes will help Edge to achieve that.

2022 Ford Edge interior

Is New Engine On the Cards?

The performance of the 2022 Ford Edge should be improved too. The current model comes with two engine options. The base turbo-four engine delivers 250 hp, while the optional V6 cranks out 335 hp. The next-gen Edge will probably introduce a new 3.0-liter engine with 400 horsepower. However, we don’t know if this engine will be optional in regular Edge, or standard in the high-performance Edge ST variant. Lastly, Edge Hybrid is certain to happen as the hybrid powertrain is reportedly in the works.

2022 Ford Edge engine

2022 Ford Edge Price and Release Date

The price of the new-gen 2022 Ford Edge will start at around $33,000. This isn’t official yet, but it seems like the price won’t change that much. On the other hand, the Edge ST version will cost up to $45,000. The sales of the redesigned Edge should begin in the second quarter of 2021.

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