2024 Ford Explorer EV: Everything You Need to Know

The 2024 Ford Explorer EV is almost here. Blue Oval carmaker revealed new model, which will arrive in Europe. From what we know, the Explorer EV will go on sale in United States shortly after its European debut. Many details are not available yet. However, we know some parts of all-electric powertrain, including charging time and batteries.

This electric version will slightly depart from the regular Explorer SUV. That includes slight changes both in and out. Still, it is a potent model with so much to offer. Ford will reveal more details in the following weeks, and here’s what we know about this model right now.

Futuristic Appearance

The 2024 Ford Explorer EV is a mid-size SUV with more futuristic design than its base variant. Not surprisingly, Blue Oval carmaker will develop this model with Volkswagen, and it will be manufactured in Germany. In terms of size, the Explorer EV will be shorter than the Volkswagen ID4. However, two models will share the same platform.

On top of that, we expect to see similar flat roof, sportier stance and squared-off shape. On the other hand, Ford will offer unique L-shaped headlights and daytime running lights. The side profile shows beautiful dual-tone wheels, and floating roof with black A-pillars. The back of the vehicle comes with distinctive LED taillights and new bumper.

2024 Ford Explorer EV specs

Interior Offers Five Seats

The interior of the brand-new 2024 Ford Explorer EV will look very modern and upright. The highlight of this all-electric SUV is the 14.6-inch infotainment touchscreen. This unit will run on brand’s most recent Ford Sync system. You can move and rotate this screen by 30 degrees, which is a novelty. There is also a free-floating 5-inch driver’s display, and Ford offers wireless phone integrations as standard.

The dash is pretty innovative, as it comes with a sound bar. This SUV will offer a lot of driver-assistance aids, but we don’t know if Ford’s Blue Cruise hands-free driving setup will be on offer. Lastly, unlike the regular Explorer with seven seats, the all-electric variant offers room for five.

2024 Ford Explorer EV interior

Ford Explorer EV Driving Range, Charging Time

For a start, the 2024 Ford Explorer EV will come in two variants: Explorer and Explorer Premium. While we are waiting to hear official specs, Ford already said that you can charge this SUV from 10% to 80% in around 25 minutes.

Thanks to Advanced Driver Assist System, this model will gain numerous sensors and cameras for easier ride. We expect to see a more potent version which will run on two or even three electric motors. Still, Blue Oval automaker is yet to announce vehicle’s specs, size of the batteries and more.

2024 Ford Explorer EV charging

2024 Ford Explorer EV Release Date

The price of this brand-new electric SUV is not available at the moment. Car experts are predicting a price of around $45,000 or $50,000. The 2024 Ford Explorer EV will hit the dealerships in early 2024, in Europe. There will be two variants to choose between, and this mid-size SUV will go on sale in United States shortly after the European launch.

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