2024 Ford Explorer EV Review

According to reports, the Ford Explorer will get an EV model. According to numerous reports, the manufacturing of the 2024 Ford Explorer EV has been postponed for another year. It is a reasonable outcome, as Ford intends to focus on new all-electric models such as Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Unfortunately, no details on the Explorer EV’s specifications have been released. As of now, this model is likely to be the brand’s first three-row all-electric SUV. The Mach-E, which will be available in early 2021, is a compact crossover with a two-row configuration and room for five passengers. Without further ado, here’s everything we know about the 2024 Explorer EV.

2024 Ford Explorer EV price

Exterior and Interior Upgrades

From what we know, the 2023 Explorer SUV will receive a couple of important upgrades. However, this means nothing as the 2024 Ford Explorer EV will reportedly depart from the base version in terms of appearance. It does make sense, as EVs are usually more futuristic and more distinctive models than the gasoline-powered variants. Still, we don’t know that much about the approaching Explorer EV. We certainly expect to see a bolder appearance, new front fascia, new colors, and wheels.

The interior will also look more modern, so Explorer SUV will introduce a larger vertically-oriented touchscreen. Right now, an 8-inch touchscreen is on offer as standard. We believe the Explorer EV will look closer to its current ST variant. This is why the new model will be a perfect combination of sporty SUVs with plenty of luxury in it. Ford will also deliver numerous optional packages and more upright materials.

2024 Ford Explorer EV interior

Ford Explorer EV Specs

The upcoming 2024 Ford Explorer EV will reportedly get new BEV architecture. Moreover, the very same platform will underpin the new Lincoln Aviator EV. As of now, the Explorer model comes with a gasoline engine lineup, where the optional V6 provides either 365 hp or 400 hp. This also means the Explorer EV will surely provide at least the same amount of power, if not even more.

It is hard to predict a vehicle’s specs at the moment. However, Ford will not develop new motors and batteries. Instead, Explorer EV will borrow the setup from either the F-150 Lightning truck or Much-E crossover. The F-150 Lightning will offer “IonBoost” technology. It is a range of different lithium-ion battery packs where the “IonBoost Pro” battery will provide a lithium iron phosphate combination. With this improved technology, Explorer EV will surely deliver an astonishing driving range. We don’t want to deal with numbers at the moment but expect serious performance from this arriving SUV.

Charging time will be improved as well. Whatsoever, the Explorer EV will offer the ability to leverage bidirectional power. This comes in handy when there is a power outage. Moreover, vehicle-to-vehicle charging will be available as well.

2024 Ford Explorer EV range

2024 Ford Explorer EV Release Date, Price

Blue Oval will produce a new 2024 Ford Explorer EV in 2023. The Mustang Mach-E crossover is produced in Cuautitlan, Mexico, plant. However, Ford is said to be building the electric Explorer and Aviator at a new location to free up capacity at the Mexico facility for additional Mach-E production. The sales will begin later in 2023 and the price will start at $50,000 at least.

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