2024 Ford Ranger PHEV is Coming to USA

The forthcoming 2024 Ford Ranger PHEV is going on sale in America, per reports. This model will become first plug-in hybrid pickup truck in United States and it will directly rival Toyota Tacoma. The 2024 Ranger has been unveiled last month. It will have three powertrain options and it will slightly depart from its sibling in Australia.

However, a plug-in hybrid version will be a game changer. On the other hand, we don’t know if this model is coming this year, or in early 2024. In any case, Ranger PHEV will borrow a lot of things from Bronco SUV. While we are waiting to hear more details, this is what we know at the moment.

First Plug-In Hybrid Pickup in the USA

It seems like many truck makers skipped the hybrid powertrain and went directly for a complete electrification. As a result, we already have numerous all-electric trucks. Thanks to that, the 2024 Ford Ranger PHEV could become the very first pickup truck in United States with plug-in hybrid powertrain. Toyota is constantly upgrading Tacoma and Tundra models, and Ford Maverick is already available with a conventional hybrid setup.

However, Ranger will be the first one with PHEV option. In Australia, we expect similar outcome, if not the same. No matter what happens, mid-size Ranger will offer at least three engine options in years to come. Again, Ford Bronco SUV will have great impact on the upcoming Ranger. Because of that, two models will share the same hybrid powertrain.

2024 Ford Ranger PHEV specs

What About Electric Ranger?

As we previously reported, Blue Oval carmaker already file trademark applications for Ranger Thunder model. Not only that, F-150 Thunder and Maverick Thunder are also under the trademark. Of course, F-150 Thunder became F-150 Lightning, but electric lineup is expanding.

Natural outcome is an all-electric Ranger. The approaching 2024 Ford F-150 PHEV will be a nice bridge between regular Ranger and Ranger EV. On the other hand, numerous reports are saying that the all-electric Ranger will not arrive in next three or four years.

2024 Ford Ranger PHEV mpg

Ford Ranger PHEV Changes and Specs

The upcoming 2024 Ford Ranger PHEV will be all-new, as Blue Oval manufacturer plans to introduce next-generation. Therefore, redesign is on the way, both in and out. New Ranger will sport bolder design, inspired by the bigger F-150 model. The interior will also see radical changes. Thanks to that, the customers should expect even more technology, higher level of comfort and improved safety. Under the hood, we already said that there will be three engine options.

A turbodiesel V6 will power the Ranger model overseas. The US-spec variant will have a base 2.3-liter four-cylinder gas engine. A more potent twin-turbo V6 is optional, and plug-in hybrid powertrain is also on the way. Lastly, Ranger Raptor will return to the United States. This high-performance model will produce more power and it will come with additional off-road gear.

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