Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator in Demand – Ford Raises Production

Sales of full-size crossover class jumped significantly in the last couple of months. Current Ford models are in demand and the company decides to boost up production. In next couple of months, buyers will see more 2018 Ford Expedition and 2018 Lincoln Navigator SUVs in salons. And how to make a better statement if not with big investment?

Ford will add more funds into development and production of big machines needed for making tools. A huge part of $25 million investment goes for the 3D print machine, which will speed up the entire process. Except it saves a lot of time in building tools and part for production machines, it also saves money.

Ford Kentucky plant

What is 3D Print Machine?

Heavy investment is not directly increasing speed or production. However, indirectly, it will boost everything. The 3D printer is creating parts for machines in few days or hours. For comparison, not it takes a week before the company receives the prototypes of these machines. Furthermore, this printer cuts the cost from $250k to the only couple of thousand dollars.

Besides 3D printer, Ford will add about 400 robots to its plants in Kentucky. So, the entire idea is to help workers in these factories with more tools. In future, this leads to more jobs and 25 percent boost of production. With it, the market will have enough 2018 Lincoln Navigator and 2018 Ford Expedition crossovers.

Black Label Models Most Wanted Lincoln Navigator

Although it is the most luxurious and the most expensive version of 2018 Lincoln Navigator, Black Label takes 85 percent of all sold crossovers. Raise of production should satisfy needs of the market. For example, the average time between delivering Navigator to dealerships and its sale is 7 days. Also, by selling a lot of Black Label editions, the average price paid for Lincoln’s full-size crossover jumped to $21,000.

Lincoln Navigator Black Label

Black Label currently offers three levels – Yacht Club, Chalet, and Destination. By improving the entire system of production, next 2019 Lincoln Navigator could offer even more options and patterns. Also, by satisfying fans and buyers, the company will show persistence and determination.

Ford Expedition to Offer More Platinum Models

As Lincoln Navigator, the 2018 Expedition faces a shortage of vehicles in salons. Demand for full-size crossovers surprised the company. Whatsoever, investments and purchase of 3D printer will fix it. More models will be available. It seems like interest in Black Label of Lincoln Navigator is not a single case. Top of the line Ford Expedition Platinum crossover has also a significant rise in sales. In last quarter 30 percent of sales belong to this version.

Ford Expedition front

When we compare to Navigator and its Black Label, the average price paid also raised. However, with Expedition increase is modest with $7,000. Not only that buyers will get more of these vehicles, but also entry- and mid-level trims.

Furthermore, investment will put competition on alert. Most of the new buyers of 2018 Lincoln Navigator and 2018 Ford Excursion are ex Mercedes and Land Rover drivers. However, the Blue Oval company has an advantage in many segments, especially since it is on domestic soil. With these moves, Ford cements its leader place in the automotive industry.

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