2019 Ford F-650 is an All-Around Work Truck

Ford announced some significant updates for the forthcoming 2019 Ford F-650. The USA truck market is growing each and every year, the competition is stronger than ever, so Blue Oval carmaker is doing everything in order to keep its high reputation. The new model will see plenty of improvements and this medium-duty truck will come with better driveability and productivity.

The exterior will get an update and some optional features will be available as a standard now. New features should improve traction and stability as well. The cabin will be more driver-friendly and the level of comfort is raised to another level. Powered by a V8 diesel engine, the 2019 F-650 will offer great performance as always.

2019 Ford F-650 front

Revised Front End

The all-new 2019 Ford F-650 will look slightly different than before. Front-end suffers the most changes as the new front grille is larger. Front fenders are also enlarged, and the headlights are similar to the ones on the E-Series models. A sloping hood looks the same as on the light-duty models, while the doors, roof, and windshield are intact.

There are a lot of similarities between the F-650 and F-250 models which comes as no surprise. That includes same ladder frame and wheels. A chassis cab is available so the customers can choose a specific configuration which comes handy if you use this truck for work purposes.

2019 Ford F-650 exterior

2019 Ford F-650 Interior

The interior will get a medium update and Ford opted for a well-known company’s language design. It means that there would also be plenty of similarities with other Ford’s models such as F-150 and F-250. The controls are familiar just like the overall layout. However, the 2019 Ford F-650 is a work truck more than a personal truck so expect plenty of differences as well. There is no MyFord Touch system available, or wood materials, leather seats and other premium features.

This medium-duty truck will make your job easy. The comfort is average and there are numerous cab configurations available. A regular two-door cab is standard and you can opt for a four-door Super Cab and Crew Cab. All the configurations add two front seats and rear bench seat. A cloth upholstery is standard and vinyl seats are optional.

2019 Ford F-650 interior

Powerful V8 Turbodiesel Engine

The inclusion of a famous 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 engine is a huge news for the 2019 Ford F-650. This turbodiesel unit is slightly re-tuned and is more adapted for this truck purposes. The number of horsepowers is higher and even the torque figures are increased. So, instead of making 275hp this engine will produce 330 hp and 725 lb-ft of torque respectively. A manual transmission is gone, so the upcoming 2019 F-650 will use a TorqShift 6-speed automatic transmission.

Price and U.S. arrival date

Pricing of the 2019 Ford F-650 is yet to be announced, however, we can expect the price in a range around $56,500. Higher trim levels that are fully equipped will cost around $70,000. Ford’s newest medium-duty truck will go on sale at the beginning of 2019.

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  1. Hey ford workers how does this sound like a good idea. In 2022 you can give the medium duty trucks a 3rd generation so the only things you have to find is some kind of headlights a new different grille and make the vent f number emblem look like the 2017 super duty vent f number emblem

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