2019 Ford Focus Electric Gets a Bigger Battery

With so many versions, Focus is one of the most versatile cars in the global market. People around the world love it. Practical, comfortable, and fuel-friendly, these are characteristics of the car. Variations allow Ford to come close to specific markets and buyers. Part of the next-gen Focus will be an all-new electric vehicle. The last appearance was not so great. Now, the 2019 Ford Focus Electric will be an important factor in the market.

We could see electrified Focus, but it didn’t really draw too much attention. Designers just placed batteries in the trunk and car haven’t performed as it was expected. Now, the 2019 Ford Focus Electric will use the new platform of the next-gen hatchback. The C2 concept replaces the old one C platform. Experts are sharing the opinion that with the standard model, the electric vehicle will be better too.

2019 Ford Focus Electric exterior

2019 Ford Focus Electric Changes

The previous edition of Focus EV didn’t succeed. Leaned from their mistakes, clumsy solutions are not going to happen again. The 2019 Ford Focus Electric will be longer and lighter than its predecessor. Again, it is based on the standard vehicle, that heads into a new generation. Designers will put the hatchback on a diet, making it 50 pounds lighter. Also, wheelbase will get extra 50 mm.

Finally, this leads to the major change. Instead to be in a trunk, the electric motor will be under the seats. So, the interior remains uncompromised, and the trunk is going to have higher capacity.

2019 Ford Focus Electric Uses a New Battery

According to the latest news, the 2019 Ford Focus Electric will use a 50 kWh motor under the seats. This battery is small and can fit perfectly, not to shred cabin. This is an upgrade to the current 33 kWh-rated source of power. Further details are still unknown, but this unit should top all the specs its predecessor achieved.

2019 Ford Focus Electric charging

Range and Horsepower

First of all, we assume that 2019 Ford Focus Electric horsepower rating is getting a significant boost. By adding at least 10-15 horses over 143 hp delivered by the last edition, engineers will make a great deal. Furthermore, the range of the new Ford Focus Electric will be at least 140 miles. This is an improvement of almost 25 miles. Finally, the fast charger will take less time to refill the energy in 2019 Focus Electric vehicle.

Improvements on the drivetrain don’t cost as before. New technology is moving forward, so what was too expensive earlier costs less now. So it is with Ford Focus Electric 2019. This will lead to better performance, specs, and everything, at lower price. All in all, we will get the much better vehicle in every way for less money. However, the company is yet to announce all details.

2019 Ford Focus Electric engine

2019 Ford Focus Electric Safety Equipment

One of the segments where 2019 Ford Focus Electric is going to pay a lot of attention is the safety of its passengers. Surely, the standard petrol version will also try to be as secure as possible. Whatsoever, the Focus Electric will add few other features, including autonomous drive system. The company is still quiet on these claims. Well, we can’t expect this feature to be at the highest level as Tesla cars, but some mid-level technology could find its way.

2019 Ford Focus Electric Launch Details

The first appearance of the 2019 Ford Focus Electric will happen in North America. This is the only certain thing. The United States is always favorite to host the debut, but the previous edition of the 2019 Ford Focus Electric was more popular in Canada. So, there won’t be a surprise to see northern neighbors stealing the premiere of the new arrival. Whatsoever, the car will hit dealerships at the same time in both countries.

Ford Focus Electric 2019 to Cost Less

The Ford Focus Electric 2019 is going to drop its price. Development of the previous version was very expensive. Also, the competition was limited, so the company could slap the high price. Now, Ford would hardly sell any Focus EV with $40,000 sticker. So, for the next edition, the company must consider a big cut in the price. We believe that at least $5,000 will be taken off, if not $10k. If the 2019 Ford Focus Electric comes with a price of $30,000 it will be more competitive to Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and VW e-Golf.

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  1. Can I have the new battery put in to my 2016 Focus EV? I would love to have a 140 mile range.
    Each year I loose about 15 percent of the range I can drive. And it is even worse when the weather gets cold, or I have to use the AC. How much is the new battery?

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