2020 Ford Focus Electric is a Game Changer

The upcoming Ford Focus is about to introduce plenty of changes. On the other hand, the future of Focus is still uncertain as Blue Oval plans to ax most of its car lineup. The 2020 Ford Focus Electric could be a game changer for this model. Focus offers different body configurations, a high-performance RS varfocusfocusfffocuoiant and a wide range of trims and engines.

Focus Electric is speculation for some time now. Reliable sources are suggesting an electric drivetrain and even the Focus RS could go electric. Ford did say the plan is to invest huge money in order to electrify most of its vehicles. That mostly includes SUVs and trucks, but Mustang and Focus are most likely candidates in the car lineup.

2020 Ford Focus Electric exterior

2020 Ford Focus Electric Exterior and Interior Features

The all-new 2020 Ford Focus Electric won’t depart from the design of the base model. Dimensions are the same, along with the overall shape. Sleek appearance looks hot and attractive. Speculations are saying the 2020 Focus could get a new platform that will accommodate electric drivetrain. Moreover, handling will be improved, along with the overall performance. Exterior-wise, Blue Oval won’t introduce any significant changes. However, a hands-free tailgate will be new and optional.

From the inside, Focus Electric will probably suffer further refinements from the inside. The new platform could improve legroom and headroom, but nothing significant. Cargo area will be rated at 48 cubic feet for the hatchback variant. Wagon models will offer almost 60 cubic feet of space.

2020 Ford Focus Electric interior

Electric Drivetrain

We already wrote about the Focus Sedan model and its electric variant. Now, all of the Focus models could get electrification. The electric motor will produce around 145 hp and it will provide an astonishing driving range. The 2020 Ford Focus Electric will produce around 30 horsepower over the regular model with the EcoBoost engine. Emissions are lowered and the best part is that the Focus RS variant will also get electric powertrain.

Ford will offer numerous engine options for the base Focus model but an electric variant will surely become the first customer’s choice when it happens. Whatsoever, we can expect the Focus model to survive Ford’s plans for the future and represent a real game changer.

2020 Ford Focus Electric charger

2020 Ford Focus Electric Price and Release Date

The arrival date is not specified yet. Well-informed sources are saying the 2020 Ford Focus Electric will arrive a couple of months after the regular Focus model. While the base model is priced at $20,000, an electric variant will surely cost around 30,000.

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