Let’s prepare for new Black Editions for 2019 Lincoln Navigator

If you want to spend $100,000 on a car and you love crossovers, then 2019 Lincoln Navigator will be a very probable solution for purchase. There is no big competition in full-size luxury SUV class. One of the reasons is Lincoln’s flagship model. Rare crossovers can match its style, offer, performance.

What will be new for 2019 Lincoln Navigator? A hybrid, maybe? This is a far-fetched story. However, rumors are already whispering, so we must pay some attention to these. Furthermore, updates on the interior will make Navigator even more luxurious, if it is possible. The L model could be slightly longer. Of course, Lincoln will prepare new Black Label editions.

2019 Lincoln Navigator front side

2019 Lincoln Navigator Facelift

A facelift is a minor cosmetic change on the body of the vehicle. It is hard to find any lack or weakness on Navigator, but the company carefully listens to all complaints. That is why the 2019 Lincoln Navigator will get minor updates on its body. Generally, we will see the same vehicle. Dimensions and shapes are not going to change. The concept of this car will be the same in few next seasons.


The cabin of the crossover is its main strength. Buyers won’t find more elegant, exclusive, comfortable, safe one in the class. It is also packed with a lot of the latest high-tech features. The eye-catching screen is easy to use. On the 10-inch touch-screen display are all information about the drive, fuel consumption, speed, and many more. Shall we doubt 2019 Lincoln Navigator is going to support both Android and Apple platforms?

2019 Lincoln Navigator interior

2019 Lincoln Navigator Black Label – New Editions

Current Navigator has three special versions to customize the drive. There are Yacht Club, Destination, and Chalet themes. However, for 2019 Lincoln Navigator Black Label, designers will prepare new schemes and details to make a ride more luxurious. Yes, it is possible with Lincoln. This company is the one that always sets new goals above previous standards which are set by it.

2019 Lincoln Navigator black label

2019 Lincoln Navigator Specs

The new Lincoln Navigator will continue to use a 3.5-liter turbo-six engine. This unit is able to burst 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. No major updates are going to happen for the next Navigator. That means we will get about 20 mpg combined from the standard 4×2 model. The all-wheel-drive system is consuming slightly more fuel. The 2019 Lincoln Navigator L could be larger than before. The increase of the size will put up some pounds to its weight, which further affects fuel economy. In 4×4 drive, the L version will deliver 20 mpg on the highway.

Lincoln Navigator Hybrid

Many enthusiasts will find rumors about 2019 Lincoln Navigator Hybrid funny. However, experts are pretty sure it will happen sooner or later. The parent company, Ford, is delivering more electrified models each year. Lincoln luxurious department is also in plans to get plug-in drivetrains in future. The 2019 Navigator could be one of the surprises for next season. However, chances for this to happen are pretty odd. Instead, we can rather see Continental in plug-in variant.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Launch Details

Price of the 2019 Lincoln Navigator will start from $75,000. However, the crossover will present few higher trims which will boost already luxurious offer. The Navigator L will be almost $10 above the base unit, while the Black Label will come with the breathtaking price of above $100,000.

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