Ford Will Build More Trucks And SUVs, Less Cars In US

Ford’s bosses are promising that 90 percent of their vehicles for 2020 will be crossovers, trucks, and utility vehicles. Sedans and hatchbacks have no bright future.

First of all, the sales numbers are on the side of big vehicles. That is the only al the carmaker count. With the growth of crossovers and the best-selling F-150 truck drawing enough attention as always, these are species that will survive the cut. On the other hand, we can’t say the same for C-Max, Focus, Fiesta, Taurus. Well, these will still be available for other markets, but it seems like the US customers won’t be able to purchase these cars anymore.

2019 Ford Expedition exterior (1)

Ford’s Electrification Plan

By 2022, Ford will launch 16 new electric or hybrid vehicles. By 2030, most of the fleet will have such drivetrain. However, after many speculations, it seems like crossovers will dominate in this segment. We already wrote about arrivals of full-size crossovers – Ford Expedition Hybrid and Lincoln Navigator Hybrid in luxury class. Even the biggest SUVs have priority over some sedans.

Truck to be the First New Hybrid

The F-150 is a flagship model. However, its development is not so simple. But, the vehicle is already considered as the favorite to be the first to get the hybrid engine. The process will need to be faster since the new Ram 1500 is coming next year with a mild-hybrid.

Crossovers Are Dominating Force On The Market

We don’t have to bring out any sales records, just take a look at the street and check which vehicles are there. Clearly, crossovers. This segment of the car industry is growing so fast. Ford is recognizing that. So, there is no surprise why the company is turning to these vehicles instead of classic hatchbacks or sedans. Buyers are getting more comfort, safer cabin, and it doesn’t cost too much more. Even the fuel consumption difference is not so economy-saving anymore.

Trucks and utility vehicles are still capable to compete with SUVs since these are working mules. Special pickups and vans will be better only in the job they are doing. But, the overall versatility of crossovers can’t be matched by any other vehicle.

2019 Ford Explorer front (1)

Ford Mustang is Safe from Clean Up

Well, if anyone makes a mistake and puts the Mustang in the ‘cars’ category, then don’t worry. The legendary pony car is not going anywhere. While other vehicles can’t compete with trucks and crossovers and achieve satisfying results, Mustang is a living legend which still has too many fans. Discontinuing the ‘Stang in the United States is hard to imagine. The end of discussion.

2019 Ford Mustang exterior (1)

New Ford SUVs on the Way

Ford has a representative in every class of truck and crossover segments. From subcompact to full-size and luxurious SUVs, they also offer now the small pickup with the return of Ford Ranger. But, the company is bringing back another legend – 2020 Bronco. This shows two things. First, the crossover segment is separating to even more classes. Soon, we won’t see the classic ranking, but there will be models between each of them. Second, Ford knows it and builds more crossovers already.

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