2021 Ford Ka and Ka+ The Ultimate City Car

The upcoming 2021 Ford Ka is a small city car that will get various changes. Originally introduced in 1996, this model comes with plenty of charm and is a fun-to-drive vehicle. Over the years, Ford Ka gained huge popularity as a modern city car. Now, some reports are suggesting the end of the Ka model, and Ford will only offer the Ka+ variant, a larger model.

Unlike the regular Ka, Ka+ is a five-door model, so we can put in the same class with bigger Fiesta. If you are looking for a bargain that is also the ultimate city car, you have the answer. Ford will look to sell its new model across the whole globe, and the sales will start within months.

2021 Ford Ka facelift

2021 Ka and Ka+ Facelift

Under the skin, the 2021 Ford Ka will deploy a version of the Fiesta platform. This architecture has been modified, and it prioritizes passenger space. As for the design, Ka is similar to the Indian-market Ford Figo. Of course, Ka delivers significant upgrades to make it more suitable for Europe. That even includes suspension, springs and dampers.

Both hatchback and sedan variants are available. This small car shares a lot of cues with the famous Ford Fiesta that should be discounted soon. For 2021, Ka will gain various visual improvements. That includes updated LED lights, central exhaust and new larger wheels.

Interior Provides Enough Room

The upcoming 2021 Ford Ka will gain a couple of exciting upgrades on the inside. Visibility is excellent, and the modified chassis provides more interior room. Even the rear passengers can enjoy ample legroom and headroom. Some things are still outdated, such as steering wheel or the upholstery. We don’t know if Ford will opt for new materials or stick with the current ones.

Ka will also arrive with more driver-assistance features. However, most of these aids are optional on the base Studio model. The Studio trim comes with microphone check, Bluetooth and DAB radio as standard. Ford will offer more USB and Aux sockets, along with the new navigation system.

Engine Lineup Remains Intact

Under the hood, the new 2021 Ford Ka will deliver the same 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine. This unit can produce 90 horsepower and up to 82 lb-ft of torque. It isn’t a powerful engine, but it is more than enough for such a small city car. Optionally, some markets will get a larger 1.5-liter diesel. This engine generates 100 horses and 160 lb-ft of torque. Diesel will also provide higher fuel efficiency, but both powertrains are fuel-efficient.

2021 Ford Ka engine

Ford Ka +

The all-new 2021 Ford Ka+ is available once again. Some rumors are suggesting the end of the production for the regular Ka model. Until its official, we can’t say anything about it. The same reports are saying that the Ka+ will surely continue with the production. It is a hatchback variant that adds slightly more luxury.

That includes different wheels, more chrome accents and a more premium interior. Some of Ka’s optional features are standard in the Ka+ version. However, this model deploys the same engine as the regular Ka car. Instead of a funky three-door model, Ka+ comes with five doors, and it offers more room and practicality.

2021 Ford Ka Plus

2021 Ford Ka Release Date and Price

The price of the new 2021 Ford Ka should start at around $16,000. If you want a better Ka+ variant, that will cost you $18,000. We are still waiting for news about a possible discount of the Ka version. Still, the Ka+ model will surely go on sale by the end of 2020.

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