Is Ford bringing back the 2018 Ford Crown Victoria?

It’s been 6 years since Crown Vic sedan is discontinued. This is one of the vehicles that suffered the most because of the economic crisis. But, ever since, fans of this model are dreaming of its return. This could happen with 2018 Ford Crown Victoria. Rumors are there and first reviews, but the official info is missing. Also, we haven’t seen any spy shot of this car, so it is still questionable if the 2018 Crown Victoria is coming back.

The vehicle became famous for its taxi and police models. It is not impossible to see it again as a part of police fleet, alongside Ford Edge and Chevy Tahoe. Whatsoever, commercial use is the primary interest. The US carmaker is listening reports from markets, and fans of Crown Vic are louder and louder. If the sedan comes back, this is going to be the breaking point.

2018 Ford Crown Victoria

2018 Ford Crown Victoria Specs

The second generation of the Crown Vic used a V-8 unit. However, a 4.6-liter engine is not in use anymore. Also, it would need a lot of work to make it meet modern requirements. It is more likely that 2018 Ford Crown Victoria will get power from some other existing powertrain. Our favorite is a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6. Many vehicles are already using it, and it is a durable and reliable unit, which also produces horses for Ford Mustang.

Nevertheless, if Ford decides to bring back 2018 Ford Crown Victoria with good-old V-8, it could be Coyote 5.0-liter. The naturally-aspirated mill is capable to produce 450 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. Another news is a transmission. The company will use its 10-speed gearbox with smoother shifting. This box also boosts fuel economy. With V-8 Coyote, 2018 Crown Victoria will be suitable for police chases.

2018 Ford Crown Victoria engine

2018 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

Probably the best-known version of Crown Victoria we could see in movies. However, the PD all across the US used it because of its reliability, durability, and performance. We expect the same from 2018 Ford Crown Victoria. This will be the biggest ad for the car. If the police can use it, then the vehicle is also excellent for everyday ride.

Police Package

Whatsoever, police and regular version are not going to come with the same equipment. Tuning of the police interceptor will make this version better. That means we will see 2018 Ford Crown Victoria with special suspension and shocks in this package. Furthermore, the exterior will be slightly different, with unique bumpers and side panels.

2018 Ford Crown Victoria police

2018 Ford Crown Victoria Release Date

Fans and enthusiasts are still expecting official info about the 2018 Ford Crown Victoria. So far, these are only rumors based on the old leaking details. However, the Ford plans to return Crown Vic, but we still don’t know when and in which form. It is not impossible to see it as a limited model. Also, since the vehicle is brand-new, fans will probably see a concept at some car show first. All in all, the US carmaker will definitely announce it on time, so the 2018 Ford Crown Victoria can arrive in style.

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  1. Ford should definitely bring back the Crown Vic and the P71 Police Interceptor especially while knowing that they will be cancelling the Fusion and the Taurus along with the rest of their smaller sedans as well. As for the Explorer, I’m sure that it will continue to do well with police departments, but the Crown Vic was and still is a highly admired and respected vehicle that would probably outlast any modern police vehicle by many years due to its heavy duty and body on frame design.

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