2019 Ford Crown Victoria – What We Know About its Comeback?

The 2019 Ford Crown Victoria will be one of the highlights for the next season. This car could still arrive as the 2018 year model, but as some kind of a preview. With enough time to develop the car worth of waiting, Ford will definitely bring back this iconic vehicle sooner or later. The car is still in use as Police Interceptor, and it should come back for civilian use.

There are numerous options for the third generation of this sedan. From engine choice to chassis and other parts, buyers can build a vehicle that suits them. We believe that 2019 Ford Crown Victoria will get a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, used by Ford Police Interceptor. New frame and platform are on the way. So, this model is dropping its traditional ladder-frame concept. The first unit could be shown late in 2018, while production is going to tart during next year.

2019 Ford Crown Victoria exterior

2019 Ford Crown Victoria Return

The return of 2019 Ford Crown Victoria is a wish of many fans seeing it discontinued in 2011. Reasons for this are numerous, from sales drop, to issues and big investments for the new vehicle. Also, the last Crown Victoria didn’t get direct successor. In police service, new models were launched. Instead of this legendary car, law forces are using Police Interceptor based on Ford Taurus. Ford Transit Connect became the new favorite among Taxi companies. For the civilian use, something closest to the Crown Vic is Ford Taurus.

2019 Ford Crown Victoria Engines

The outgoing car had a powerful V-8 engine under its hood. High consumption of a 4.6-liter unit couldn’t compete with much more economical models. On the other hand, development of new units would be too expensive.

Now, the 2019 Ford Crown Victoria will probably borrow an engine from Police Interceptor. This vehicle has four special units in its service. A 2.0-liter EcoBoost drivetrain would match the power we had from the last Crown Vic. This engine can produce 240 horses. Also, it is good for 270 lb-ft of torque.

However, this unit is available for Police Interceptor only, and Taurus cut it in 2017. Instead, a V-6 returns slightly worse gas mileage, but gains 50 horses. In either case, the mpg rating will jump from 19 mpg combined offered by 2011 Crown Victoria.

2019 Ford Crown Victoria engine

2019 Ford Crown Victoria Features

Furthermore, Ford could install the new 10-speed automatic transmission and AWD as an option. A front-wheel drive should be standard. Also, old fans that will buy 2019 Ford Crown Victoria as soon as it arrives, will be impressed with new features the company is going to install. Safety comes first, so a lot of assist equipment will be available on base trim levels. We believe Ford is going to add few extra models, with Platinum topping the offer.

2019 Ford Crown Victoria Price

Early estimations are that 2019 Ford Crown Victoria would take place in full-size sedan class. However, it is not going to be as luxurious as the Lincoln Continental. We don’t expect it, as well as no one can imagine Crown Vic to cost $46,000. It is more likely that the price will start just northern from Taurus. This means the 2019 Crown Victoria will carry the price tag of $30,000.

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