2018 Ford Torino The Return Of a Legend

If you were watching Starsky and Hutch, you couldn’t miss their red sports car. It was Ford Torino. Although it had various versions, such as Gran Torino, Cobra, and GT, this model is not in the lineup for more than 40 years. However, a new concept of 2018 Ford Torino gives the hope to all fans of the legendary car and TV series to see its favorite vehicle once again. Well, release date and price are still unknown, but there are numerous rumors and gossips claiming the Torino is coming back.

Cars from movies and TV shows are making memorable moments. One of the vehicles that raised the popularity of Starsky and Hutch was Ford Torino. The red sports car was ideal for chases and stunts. But well, this was not the special-tuned vehicle for this show. Few years before the appearance in Starsky and Hutch, Torino came into the market. It was discontinued in 1976, and now it could return as 2018 Ford Torino.

2018 Ford Torino exterior

2018 Ford Torino Concept

Rumors about the return of this muscle car started in 2014. Now, louder than ever, these tales are making us sure that something is happening. But, Ford is still quiet, so there is the possibility of delay. Whatsoever, the company has to develop a new concept of the vehicle. It is hard to believe that the new 2018 Ford Torino will share a lot of things in common with its predecessors.

Appearance and Interior

The only heritage of the 2018 Ford Torino will be an idea of an attractive car. It can achieve that with unique exterior and modern cabin packed with the latest equipment. The low and aggressive appearance will definitely lure buyers. On the other hand, Ford Torino will keep them with comfortable bucket seats, which were one of the trademarks of this model back in 70’s. However, the interior will combine the classic and modern look and design. Wooden accents will definitely remind us on the old Torino, while the digital dash is something that is expected rather than classic gauges.

2018 Ford Torino interior


The exterior of the 2018 Ford Torino is going to be aggressive, as for all muscle cars. Whatsoever, this segment is not so popular, although the popularity of the Mustang never fades. But, this could be the major problem – the competition by the most iconic pony car in history.

Back in 60’s and 70’s, only Ford had numerous vehicles in this segment. Now, a handful of models can’t cope with crossovers. SUV segment is in the prime, and crossovers are dominating on the market. But, the return of 2018 Ford Torino could be the try to warm up the interest for once-popular class.

2018 Ford Torino GT

2018 Ford Torino Specs and Versions

The 2018 Ford Torino is not returning Cobra Jet engines. These huge displacements are old. Also, these can’t meet emission requirements. We believe owners of the new Torino are not going to worry about fuel consumption. Specs of the new 2018 Torino will depend on displacement. We still don’t have an idea about it. It is still questionable if Ford is going to develop a new unit, or it will use some of the existing engines.

Definitely, the Blue Oval company could make things more interesting by launching Gran Torino or GT versions. However, first, we want to see 2018 Ford Torino and hear any kind of official detail to make us sure it is definitely coming back.

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