2019 Ford Torino and Gran Torino Are Ready For The Comeback

The return of the 2019 Ford Torino and Gran Torino is likely to happen in the near future. This muscle car will for sure hit the markets in the upcoming time, however, Ford is delaying its release. While the Blue Oval company is quiet, we will try to provide you with the latest information and updates.

Ford Torino is a sporty muscle car, a living legend that will hit the roads once again. A new model will share basically nothing with its predecessor. More performance-oriented version Gran Torino is also in the offer, but Ford is refusing to release its price or arrival date. Torino became famous mostly thanks to the Starsky and Hutch TV show where this car gained a legendary status. Now, a four decades later, the Torino is very likely to make a return.

2019 Ford Torino exterior

Exterior & Interior

The upcoming 2019 Ford Torino looks very modern and attractive. The overall body seats lower and it looks very aggressive. This sports car comes with sharp lines, especially on the hood. The bumper looks big, which was a highlight of the latest model. The front grille looks stylish and futuristic and generally, Torino grabs attention wherever it appears. We should wait for the full exterior specs of the 2019 Torino and Gran Torino, but we expect a very modern alloy wheel and the distinctive rear end.

The interior is modern just like the exterior. Moreover, it is very comfortable, it offers leather bucket seats as standard. The cabin is a great combination of the retro feel and modern appearance, nothing less than expected from the Ford. On top of that, wood and chrome accents are in the offer, but we prefer the classic analog gauge over the digital one. The cabin is larger than before and it is much simplified. The buttons and controls are nicely placed, and we can see plenty of beautiful shapes and other styling cues. An optional premium audio system is what everyone expects from such a sporty muscle car.

2019 Ford Torino interior

2019 Ford Torino Engine Specs

The biggest question about the 2019 Ford Torino is its drivetrain. It is yet questionable if the Blue Oval carmaker will opt for an existing engine or it will build a new one. While the Torino is a very sporty car, we don’t expect from Ford to aim for the horsepower figures. After all, there are Gran Torino and GT models that are more about performance and less about fuel economy. A 2.7-liter V6 is the most realistic option that is rated at 320hp and 340 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Ford Gran Torino Will Finally Happen

When you put a Ford and sports car in the same sentence, Mustang is the first association. On the other hand, Gran Torino was back in the days one of the most popular sporty vehicles on the planet. With the news that the Torino is returning, the car’s world is buzzing, mostly because of this special model. The 2019 Ford Gran Torino is a performance-oriented model, just like the Torino GT. It comes with both more muscles and aggressiveness and of course an astonishing performance. There is no official information about the engine specs, but we expect from Ford to deliver a stunning number.

2019 Ford Gran Torino

Price and release date

Ford is refusing to provide any official information about the pricing of the 2019 Ford Torino and Gran Torino. While the pricing brings a huge question mark, some sources are saying that this muscle car will go on sale for the second quarter of 2019.

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